ONE + ONE + TWO is excepting donations to further extend funding for our + ONE RESIDENCY program.

A full sponsorship of a complete 30 day residency includes a $300 stipend to the artist, a 3 day solo exhibition and a print catalog of the work created during the residency. 

A full sponsorship costs $700.00.

If you're interested in partially sponsoring a resident, below is a breakdown of costs: 

  • Stipend for our Artist in Resident - $300.00
  • A divided portion of studio rent - $152.00
  • Printed catalog of artwork completed at residency - $150.00
  • Postcards promoting Solo Exhibition - $50.00
  • Refreshments and snacks for Exhibition - $50.00

We are a Non-Profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

We are grateful for donations of any size.  Thank You!